In Brussels

EU - Hämeen liitto

In Brussels we protects the interests of the regions for the benefit of all officials from Häme. In addition, it assists in creating connections and takes care of the marketing of the region.


1. Protection of interests

  • following and influencing issues important for the regions on, among other things, the following fields: regional politics, community initiatives, interests of small and medium enterprises, culture, tourism, environment and cross-boundary cooperation

2. Issues pertaining to EU programmes

  • following and disseminating information concerning the EU programmes, searching for partners and organising the meeting
  • supporting the application process
  • finding new practices and transmitting them to Finland, as well as transmitting such practices from the regions to the other areas of Europe
  • "lobbying" applications

3. Improving the awareness and knowledge about EU and facilitating its activities

  • providing a base for the representatives of the regions
  • providing conference rooms
  • organising meetings
  • seminar work

4. Marketing of the area

  • establishing contacts with the important officials of the Union and with European regions and organisations
  • disseminating information concerning the successful projects of the regions and the skills and knowledge of the experts of the regions


For further information, please contact
Matti Lipsanen
Tel. +358(0)50 5060 697