Updated May 31, 2021

We are actively participating the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation Network, shortly BSSSC. For us this international network is cost-effective way to keep contact with partners, change experiences and best practices and stay up-to-date on European cohesion and development policy.

BSSSC Network covers the key neighboring areas of Finland and our region in the Baltic Sea co-operating area. The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Interreg Program are important instruments for development and project financing. Using these are supported by active action and cooperation in BSSSC.

Youth are strongly involved in cooperation

The BSSSC Youth Network is probably the most sympathetic and future oriented action in the co-operation. The residents of the Kanta-Häme region have been represented in the Youth Network since 2014.

We have connected the BSSSC Youth Network to the Regional Youth Council. Currently, the youth representative of Häme in the BSSSC Youth Network is Venla Hatakka. She is also a member of the BSSSC Board.

For more information about the BSSSC Network, please visit the website

If you have questions about the network and cooperation in Kanta-Häme region, please contact our Director of Regional Development mr Matti Lipsanen.