Häme Recreation Area Association

Häme recreation area association promotes and develops recreational programs and activities in the region, and protects the characteristics of the local nature and landscape. The association administers altogether 18 recreational areas which are free for all visitors and tourists to use all year around.

The Häme Lynx Trail (Hämeen Ilvesreitti) combines the most important hiking trails and recreational areas in the area. It stretches over a distance of about 250 kilometres. Hiking along the different trails offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the lake district of Häme as well as the cultural heritage of the region.

The association maintains a map service for nature tourism and produces a recreation map for the lake district of Häme. The association is also responsible for coordinating the maintenance and upkeep of recreational areas and The Häme Lynx Trail.

Vanajavesi Centre
was established to improve the status of rivers and lakes in Lake Vanajavesi watershed area and to boost the appeal of the region in other ways, too.