The Häme Region

Age-old Vitality and Genuine Culture

Häme is one of the nine historical regions in Finland. The province of Häme is centrally located amid the largest city centres of Finland. The Helsinki metropolitan region is only an hour by car from Häme. The positive aspects of city life are combined with unique scenery and peace and quiet. The region values good housing, education, entrepreneurship and a versatile cultural life.

In the past few years, Häme has been one of the most successful regions in Finland. The region has a total area of 5 700 square kilometres and more than 175 000 inhabitants.

Forssa Region

Sensible environmental decisions and top-notch industry

The Forssa region makes sensible environmental decisions and works towards environmentally-friendly and sustainable development. The region is recognized for its versatile competence as well as its research and educational organizations. People in the region live comfortably in the middle of the breathtakingly beautiful

Häme close to good transport connections. The region has a variety of housing forms – all from detached houses to horse farms. Forssa boasts high-quality municipal and private services. Everything is easily reachable – forget about traffic jams and stress!

The Forssa region: Forssa, Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela, Ypäjä

Hämeenlinna Region

A blend of history and future

In the Hämeenlinna region, the positive aspects of city life are combined with peace and quiet. The region has worked especially for improving housing, education and entrepreneurial and cultural competence. The municipalities provide access to a range of work and education opportunities, but at the same time you are only an hour away from the largest cities in Southern Finland. This provides good commuting possibilities. In addition, the birthplace of our national composer Sibelius is a wonderful tourist attraction and a great place for tasty, locally produced food.

The Hämeenlinna region: Hattula, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala

Riihimäki Region

Just a short hop from the capital

The Riihimäki region is growing and attracting more and more inhabitants and companies from the capital region. The region offers a range of different housing options and beautiful nature in a logistically excellent location – just a half hour away from the capital region.

Municipal and commercial services, schools and nurseries are never far away, and the prices of sites are considerably lower than in the capital region. Enjoy a high quality of living, but work wherever suits you best – smooth and simple!

The Riihimäki Region: Hausjärvi, Loppi, Riihimäki