The Häme Region

Häme is one of the nine historical regions in Finland. The province of Häme is centrally located amid the largest city centres of Finland. The Helsinki metropolitan region is only an hour by car from Häme. The positive aspects of city life are combined with unique scenery and peace and quiet. The region values good housing, education, entrepreneurship and a versatile cultural life.
In the past few years, Häme has been one of the most successful regions in Finland. The region has a total area of 5 700 square kilometres and more than 175 000 inhabitants.

Thanks to its location, Häme is easily accessible - you can get there from Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport in less than an hour by both car and train.

The region consists of a network of small and medium-sized towns and communities and the services they offer. The oldest inland settlements in Finland are found in Häme. Lively events and dynamic citizen activity are an integral part of the culture in Häme. The region also has a long tradition of textile and glass design

The countryside in Häme has remained strong and viable, and offers an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Finnish nature. The nature in Häme is rich, offering a lot of variety, and the changing seasons are in evidence everywhere. The landscape is varied in topography, featuring a multitude of different types of forests, lakes, marshland and ridges. Long successive ridges are a dominant feature of the cultural landscape, while sandy moors and small lakes and waterways offer variety. Häme has over 4,000 hectares of protected conservation areas.