Regional Council has three ranges of responsibility: Vitality, Operating Environments and Connection Services.

The goal of dividing the council's practical work in to teams is to ensure flexibility, readiness for change and rapid reaction capability. Lobbying tasks and cooperation includes in all of the processes in the Regional Council of Häme. The Region Mayor has the primary responsibility for these tasks.

Anna-Mari Ahonen - Hämeen liittoAnna-Mari Ahonen
Region Mayor
Regional Council's management, lobbying, international relations, communications.
+358 50 572 0945,

Jaana Laakso - Hämeen liittoJaana Laakso
Assistant for the Region Mayor, Contact Coordinator
Public relations, stakeholder cooperation, events, secretary of the cultural group.
+358 50 370 1417,

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Vitality team

Marko Mälly
Director, Regional Development
Head of the Vitality -team
Regional Programme and Action plan, national fundings (Structural Funding Programme, AIKO-funding), secretary of Regional Cooperation Group, leader of Projects-team.

+358 50 575 2193,
Pirkko Kiikeri-Kuusela - Hämeen liittoPirkko Kiikeri-Kuusela
Development Coordinator
Administration of ERDF, AIKO and regional development funding, administration of Regional Cooperation Group and stakeholder cooperation of the Vitality team, coordination of the HR.
+358 50 353 7897,
Jesse Marola - Hämeen liitto
Jesse Marola
Region Analyst
Gathering, alalyzing and following up the information of the regional development, foresight information of the future operating environment, developing the reagional information services.
+358 50 592 6562,

Arto Saarinen - Hämeen liittoArto Saarinen
Senior Advisor
Regional Programme implementation, projects and funding, Central Baltic ja Interreg Europe –programmes, knowledge and educational cooperation, forseeing the educational needs, developing matters of wellbeing.
+358 50 305 2539,

Minna Takala - Hämeen liittoMinna Takala
Senior Advisor
Regional Programme implementation, projects and funding, manufacturing industry, digitalization, tourism, business affairs, business cooperation, social media and reagional attraction.
+358 50 526 4648,

Operating Environments team

Heikki Pusa - Hämeen liittoHeikki Pusa
Senior Engineer, Director, Regional Planning
Vice Region Mayor

Head of  Operating Environments
Head of regional planning, transport systems and infra tech.

+358 500 483 642,

Paula Mustonen - Hämeen liittoPaula Mustonen
Senior Officer in Regional Land Use, Commissioner for Recreation Association in Tavastia Region
Landscape planning, conservation of nature and natural resources, matters of soil and land-based issues, matters of leisure, recreation and trails, GIS data and analyzis of  infrastructure.
+358 50 375 3218,

Heimo Toiviainen - Hämeen liittoHeimo Toiviainen
Senior Advisor in Regional Land Use
Landscape planning and follow-up, built environment, preparation of  opinions in landscape planning, rural areas and development of  regional housing.
+358 44 386 2662,

Olli Vaunumäki - Hämeen liittoOlli Vaunumäki
Planner of IT
Computer support, instruction and development, implementation of communication links, IT purchase, spatial data production and real estate affairs.
+358 40 586 2641,

Connection Services team

Jouko Ylipaavalniemi - Hämeen liittoJouko Ylipaavalniemi
Director, External Affairs
Head of Connection Services team
Connections with municipalities, congresspersons and  co-operation area, cooperation in lobbying, Helsinki EU Office contact, general administration, communications.

+358 50 327 2837,

Reetta Sorjonen
Planner of International Affairs and Communication
International Affairs and communication of the Regional Council, secretary of the Tavastia Global group, Board Civil and contact person for BSSSC.
+358 44 300 5230,
Jaana Laakso - Hämeen liittoJaana Laakso
Assistant for the Region Mayor, Contact Coordinator
Public relations, stakeholder cooperation, events, secretary of the cultural group.
+358 50 370 1417,
Mirva Kandolin - Hämeen liittoMirva Kandolin
Administration Manager
Meeting arrangements of the Assembly of the Regional Council, Managing Board and the Audit Board, implementation of the decisions, HR and finance, tasks of general administration.
+358 50 048 3633,
Auli Hieta - Hämeen liittoAuli Hieta
Secretary of Finance
Accounting and payroll tasks, budgeting and financial statements, finance and HR statistics and tasks of pension commissioner.
+358 44 303 0720,
Elina Järvenpää - Hämeen liittoElina Järvenpää
Planner of Administration
Meeting fees and loss of earning compensations, accounting and payroll tasks, financial management tasks for the Child and Family services project (LAPE project).
+358 44 906 3242,
Auli Hieta - Hämeen liitto
Anna-Riitta Rajaveräjä
Secretary of Case Management
Document management tasks: register, archive and case management system.
+358 44 300 6232,
Hannu Terävä
Planner of Information Management
Document management tasks.
+358 50 502 6074,


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