Regional Council of Häme

Updated June 2, 2021

The Regional Council of Häme is an expert and development organisation relying on democratic decision-making in the Häme Region in Finland.

We develop the region jointly with municipalities, business organisations, inhabitants and all the other stakeholders. Our area of expertise is in regional development, regional land-use planning and supervising regional interest in general domestically and internationally.

Our goals are sufficiently ambitious. We want to be the best in the region, but that is not enough – we also want to lead the way in Europe and be Europe’s top lobbyist, developer, collaborator and workplace.

Our experts are familiar with the possibilities of the European Union’s funding sources and other instruments and are expert in communicating to the actors in our region.

“We live an international everyday life, we are aware of the potential of EU policies and we are involved in the discussion between Finland and the EU.”

Anna-Mari Ahonen, Region Mayor

Our task is to systematically build networks and cooperation platforms that are essential for the competitiveness of our region, both domestically and internationally. We identify the important actors needed for growth, and pool resources needed.

We are therefore creating the necessary links and channels of cooperation in the EU, with other regions with similar strengths and development objectives to ours in Häme.

Values as the Foundation of Our Operations

Our values originate from the previous strategy, thus representing continuity. Definition based on these values were mentioned often in a stakeholder survey that was carried out for our strategy. This tells that we have lived and worked in accordance with our values and principles and we are intend to continue to do so.


Braverly leading the way and
exploring the future.


Value from trust.


Together with perseverance.


Burning for expertise.

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