Regional Land Use Plan

General planning and land use planning paves the way for a good environment. One of the most important tasks of planning is to co-ordinate different perspectives and aims. The regional land use plan is a relatively general, long-term outline of how the land will be used in the region or in different parts of it. Land use planning is a part of regional planning. The council of Häme is responsible for drawing up a regional land use plan, keeping it up-to-date, and monitoring and developing the plan. The regional land use plan will include principles for spatial development and infrastructure. Furthermore, it will identify key areas for the development of the region.

The regional land use plan steers planning in member municipalities as well as other planning concerning land use and spatial development.

The land use plan develops the polycentric regional and urban structure of the region in a sustainable and long-term manner. The plan enables to implement the measures set forth in the Häme programme and guarantees a functional traffic system.

Heikki Pusa
Director, Regional Planning, M.Sc (Eng.)
+358 500 483 642