Serving the Region –
Burning for Expertise.

Regional Council of Häme’s Strategy 2025

Serving the Region, we bring together the Regional Council of Häme’s democratically elected administration with employed public office personnel.

Burning for Expertise tells about our mindset and approach to work. The expressions are devised by the Managing Board of Häme at their meeting and by the Regional Council of Häme’s personnel in their strategy workshop.

Regional Council of Häme’s Core Task

The Regional Council of Häme is an expert and development organization relying on democratic decision-making in the Häme Region.

The Council’s core task consists of three components:

  • Democratic decision-making as a starting point and foundation.
  • Geographical positioning of Häme.
  • Influence, expertise and development.

Forces Affecting our Operating Environment

Social Services, Health Care and Regional Government Reform

The Social Services, Health Care and Regional Government Reform’s implementation and final form will crucially affect the Regional Council’s operating environment and even existence.

According to Prime Minister Rinne’s government programme, Finland will have 18 counties tasked with the organization of social services, health care and rescue services – at least in the first stage.

It is likely that the Regional Council will be accompanied by a large, county-named organization with decision-makers via direct elections. However, the Council will continue to e.g. develop the regional strategy and programme, supervise regional interests, and coordinate cooperation.

Forces Affecting our Operating Environment

Municipal Economy Under Strain

The economic situation of municipalities has become increasingly difficult throughout the country, also in Häme Region. As a joint municipal authority, this sets the framework for the Regional Council’s resources in the future.

The Council’s municipal fees have consistently developed more moderately than municipal expenses in general.

Forces Affecting our Operating Environment

Maintenance of the Region’s Competitiveness

Häme Region competes with Southern Finland’s large population centres in terms of inhabitants, businesses, students and tourists. The central goal of our operations is to strengthen the region’s competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Forces Affecting our Operating Environment

Networks and Their Management

The Regional Council of Häme does not have authority over its cooperation networks. Its financial authority is also very limited within the scope of structural funds programmes. Therefore, the implementation force behind joint goals must be acquired via network management.

Forces Affecting our Operating Environment

Digitalization Affecting Working Methods and Forms

New working forms and technologies affect both the network management and organization of the Regional Council’s internal work.


Forces Affecting our Operating Environment

Changes in Mentality and Methods due to Ecological Phenomena

Climate change and other environmental challenges force us to change our thinking and discourse. This also challenges and directs the contents of our work in the Regional Council.

Values as the Foundation of
Our Operations

Our values originate from the previous strategy, thus representing continuity. Definitions based on these values were mentioned often in a stakeholder survey that was carried out for the strategy. This tells that we have lived and worked in accordance with our values and principles.

Our personnel have reworded these values in their strategy workshop:


Bravely leading the way and exploring the future.


Value from trust.


Together with perseverance.


Burning for expertise.

Towards Goals

Best in the region and at the forefront of Europe as a supervisor of interests, developer, cooperation partner and workplace.

Our goals are sufficiently ambitious. We want to be the best in the region, but it is not enough – we also want to lead the way in Europe.

At the same time, we express our international everyday life. Our goals and focal points of our operations have centred on the supervision of interests, development and cooperation during our strategy work. Moreover, we want to provide a good and desired workplace.

Words are Deeds

Focal Points of the Regional Council’s Operations 2020–2025

The focal points of our operations are centred on the supervision of interests, cooperation and development in accordance with our goals. Interfaces between the focal points provide a platform for interesting discoveries.

Focal Points of the Regional Council’s Operations 2020–2025

Supervision of Regional Interests

We are a sharp, capable, prepared and strongly argumentative supervisor of regional interests.
Our role as a supervisor of interests has grown and continues to grow. We define our tasks and characteristics.

We recognize the opportunities of EU policy and participate in the discussion between Finland and the European Union.
We are familiar with the opportunities of the European Union’s sources of funding and other instruments and have the expertise to convey a message to regional actors. We are a part of the interaction between Finland and the European Union both as an independent regional actor and alongside the Finnish central government. However, our limited resources dictate that our most central role cannot be the extensive influencing of EU politicians.

We recognize the central processes and players in national politics – who to influence and with whom.
Political decision-making and influencing it is constantly becoming more complex and challenging. We strengthen our grip and expertise in national supervision of interests. We belong administratively to Southern Finland’s counties, but we cooperate flexibly in various line-ups in terms of the supervision of interests. We are partners with Western Finland’s counties within the scope of strategic traffic solutions. In terms of the Social Services and Health Care Reform, we belong to the Pirkanmaa special catchment area (ERVA).

Our message carries impact by reaching the right target groups at the right time.
Communication and its effectiveness decide the success of our supervision of regional interests.

Focal Points of the Regional Council’s Operations 2020–2025


We recognize vital actors for growth and combine and steer their resources efficiently.
Vital actors for growth include e.g. central businesses, municipalities, development organizations, educational institutions, research institutes and financiers in our own region, all over Finland and internationally.

We systematically construct networks and platforms that are essential for competitiveness.
Cooperation networks and platforms in Häme Region have been constructed systematically and appropriately.

We produce cooperation services for tasks agreed on by a three-hubbed region.
We provide a home base for the region’s joint operations at the request of the municipalities and other regional actors. These operations include e.g. preparatory work for the Social Services and Health Care Reform, safety cooperation, and various joint investigations.

We believe in the power of democratic decision-making.
Democratic decision-making forms the foundation of our operations, and our decision-makers’ networks contribute a unique strength to our cooperation activities.

Focal Points of the Regional Council’s Operations 2020–2025


We make difficult choices and compile the contents of development more determinedly.
We recognize the region’s strengths that require development efforts in order to renew and strengthen our regional economy. We compile the key components of smart specialization into a regional strategy and programme even more incisively.

We strategically steer the region’s project portfolio.
We assemble the implementation force behind the selected focal points and key components. The preparation of the upcoming programme period, the selection of projects to be funded, and the support of project consortiums for the utilization of external sources of funding all aim towards a shared goal. We monitor and steer the project portfolio as a whole.

We create preconditions for growth and a foundation for a sustainable way of life and development.
We promote growth and sustainability via the regional land use plan, transport system plan and other planning instruments.

Focal Points of the Regional Council’s Operations 2020–2025

Individual – Organization – Networks 

The Regional Council of Häme’s employees are experts in their field as individuals, as a part of the Regional Council’s organization, and in their national and international networks.

Our employees are experts in development.

Each of us has a responsibility and permission to develop and expand our own expertise.

Our high level of ambition encourages our employees to strive forward.

Our working culture is primed to serve the management of and by knowledge.

Communication supports our success and development.

Thank you.

Regional Council of Häme

Niittykatu 5, 13100 Hämeenlinna, FINLAND